Art Pavilion Floor Easel - Tilting Studio Easel w/Castor Wheels - Can Lie Flat Beech Wood

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This Tilting Studio Easel is an extremely versatile easel suitable for artists producing large-scale artworks. 

The easel has a large tilt range including the ability to tilt completely flat.

This feature enables the easel to be used for watercolours, pastels, gesso, varnish, and glazes. 

The easel is constructed with a sturdy square base, easily adjusted central column and a trigger action height adjustment. 

Castor wheels allow the easel to be moved around the studio and can be locked into place when you catch the perfect angle of light.


Height:  Extended:  388 cm

Closed:  198 cm

Maximum canvas height:  207 cm

Canvas support:  Top:  16 cm

Bottom:  53.5 cm

Base:  64.5 x 70 cm