MONT MARTE Artist Skin Colour Pencils - Ideal for Expressive Portrait Drawings - Perfect for Beginners and Professionals, Children and Adults Colouring...

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  • The 12Pce Skin Coloured Pencils from Mont Marte Are An Ideal Asset for Professional Painters, Hobby Artists and Artists Who Want to Breathe Life Into Their Pictures
  • Perfect for Portrait Paintings - These Pencils Are Perfect for Realistic and Effective Portrait Painting with Great Shading, Which Makes the Pictures Look Almost Like Photos
  • Excellent Features - Made of 10mm Wide Natural Wood and Equipped with a 6mm Wide Colour Strip, the Skin Coloured Pencils Are Robust, Comfortable to Hold and Therefore Also Suitable for More Ambitious Drawings and More Complex Portraits
  • Vivid Drawings - the Bright, Intense Colours of the Pencils Give the Images a Lively and Distinctive Design, Which Impresses Every Viewer