Mont Marte Pastel & Charcoal Blenders 7pc

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This Set of Charcoal and pastel Blenders consists of 4 Paper Stumps and 3 Paper Tortillion.

Blending with Paper Stumps and Tortillions adds soft subtle shading that can bring life-like realism and dimension to your drawings.

Paper stumps have double ended points and are larger than the tortillions.

They provide a wide surface and are great for creating a transition of tones in large areas.

Fine sandpaper can be used to gently clean or resharpen the paper stump.

Tortillions are also used for blending charcoal and pastels.

They are smaller and thinner than the stumps and are ideal for shading in small areas or even adding fine details.

To resharpen or clean the Tortillion carefully unwrap and tear off the paper at the pointed end.