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  • Don't miss it : this soft pencil art set includes 6 woodless graphite pencils and is for any level artist from beginner to professional
  • Smooth drawing : they are well constructed. The charcoal slides on paper smoothly, for art supplies, drawing supplies, book, pad, shading pencil, artist pencil, school supplies
  • No wood pencil :eco-friendly pencil, no wood used, a coating on charcoal to protect fingers from getting dirty, it won't get graphite all over your hands
  • Graphite drawing pencils create wide lines and make shading easier. It has deep charcoal color,the product is a generic productand does not have a brand
  • The only thing to be careful of is dropping them - they will shatter and : don't use a sharpener. Fine graphite pencils set is for birthdays, thanksgiving, christmas, graduation and back-to-school